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My name is Caroline Payton. I am a SURVIVOR and a CONQUEROR! I am a recovering drug addict who overcame Depression, Post-traumatic Syndrome and Anxiety.  I learned to turn my life challenges and tragedies into triumph.

A moment that defined me was when I was assaulted by a man in which I sustained a brachial plexus injury and became mentally distressed.  As a result of that tragic incident, I endured a domino effect of disappointing events in my life.  I had to resign from my job, deal with infidelity in my marriage, endure the agony and pain of my injuries, and deal with being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.  I was emotionally and mentally distraught to the point where I had to seek emergency medical care at the hospital and then ultimately having to consult with a psychiatrist.  I was at point in my life where I had to rely on pills to wake up and to go to sleep.  I encountered countless nights walking the floors in my home feeling discouraged, defeated, depressed, and fearful of how I was going to gain control of my life and move forward.  In the midst of the emotional and physical trauma that I was suffering, I knew I couldn’t abandon my faith in God.  I prayed continuously for God to deliver me from my anguish and pain and to renew my mind and heal my body.

I recall the day when I was in my bed feeling depressed and I heard a voice saying “Get Up!”  I continued to lay there reflecting on those words which left me feeling very confused.  I began to look around the room and I heard the voice saying to me once again, “Get Up, I got something I want you to do and I got everything you need to do it; however, I need you to Get Up!”  I got up and walked around to my night stand table and said “Okay God, I hear you.”  I grabbed all the prescription bottles that my psychiatrist prescribed to me and I started throwing them in the trash.  From that moment going forward, my faith increased as I had placed all of my trust in God for deliverance.  I continued to pray daily and focus on God’s word in the bible which provided me with the spiritual healing, guidance, and clarity regarding the direction of my life. 

In November 2014, as the Founder, I formed HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC.’s mission is to provide housing, services.  and resources for single women and families that are at risk and or experiencing homelessness.  Its purpose is to enhance and empower  women and families to become self-reliant by preparing them with the essential life skills and educational training to sustain permanent housing.

I believe the vision to form HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC. originated from my passion in helping women and children.  I remember one day watching the news and listening to how there were countless women and children that needed a place to stay.  They were several women with their children lined up outside of the Apple Tree Center seeking assistance for shelter and food.  Observing this tragic situation really touched my heart, and it was at that moment, God provided me with the Vision to create HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC.   The acronym “W.I.N.” represents Women in Need.  I started researching how to form a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and prayed that God provide me with the resources and people that could assist me in fulfilling this goal.  Through working on my Vision, I was blessed to realize that it assisted me with my own recovery.  My life during this time felt like it was broken into pieces so recovery was not an easy task for me.  

I am forever grateful and thankful to God for the physical and mental healing and for providing me with the Vision to go forth and help his people, Women in Need.  HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC. affords me the opportunity to give back to my community with mentoring, empowering, and providing supportive services to Women in Need and their children.  The successful formation of HOUSE OF W.I.N., INC., the blessing of acquiring a property located in the Frankford section, and the series of community outreach activities that are being provided are all inclusive of my testimony that God Will Provide!  Amen, Amen! 

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