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Caroline Payton

Founder & President

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

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 Alicia Payton

She is our Treasurer of House of WIN (Women in Need). She has worked in the field of finances in various capacities for over 15 years.  She currently provides financial, administrative and clerical support to Provision of Grace World Mission Church, where is an active member, who serves as President of the Usher Board.  She has worked with CCJMS, Community Contractors & Janitorial Maintenance Service in general accounting with processing, verifying and reconciling invoices, as well as completing payroll.  She is an Entrepreneur and a Consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry.  Alicia is married, with adult children and several grandchildren.  Her favorite pastime is spending time with her family.

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 Marsena Rollins

She is our Secretary Ms. Marsena Toney, is a native of Philadelphia, who attended Temple University, Saint Joseph’s University and Chestnut Hill College where she earned a Bachelorette in Early Childhood Education, Masters’ Degrees in Special Education, Educational Leadership and Administration. Marsena Toney currently heads an Autistic Support classroom, where she teaches children with Autism in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Ms. Toney is a dedicated individual whose passion is to bring healing and wholeness to children and adults, who have endured traumatic experiences throughout their lives. Ms. Toney assists such individuals in developing a healthy self-image, in addition to strengthening their relationships with others. She loves to counsel and provide encouragement to others as they learn how to navigate through life with practicality and wisdom, which she herself has utilized in achieving her goals.

La’Tonya E Bey

she is a native from Philadelpia,Pa. Born and raised in “Nicetown”in the early 90s is where she quickly learned about community and service. Currently, LaTonya is a Police Officer,assigned to the Police School Diversion Unit diverting inner city youth from arrest into Intensive Preventive Services. Officer Bey was the recipient of the 2017 “ Children Crusaders” aware in observation of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Ordained an Evangelist in 2013 has allowed her love for the good news to be shared wherever she goes. Smart,Compassionate, Adaptable and Capable of fitting any situation are to name a few of her describing attributes and character. Finally, La’Tonya holds the title of Mom & MaMa by her beautiful and Lovely Daughter Seira and her fun “you give me life” Grand Daughter Gianni.

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William E. Shelton II

he is an educator, activist and published author. He is a West Philly native and was educated through The Philadelphia Public School System. He graduated from Bloomsburg University with a B.A in English, St. Joseph’s University with a M.A in Writing Studies and Villanova University with a MA in Education. Currently, he is doctoral student at CUNY’s PhD in Urban Education program, where he research literacy challenges and practices to support Black and Brown communities. He is also an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s University’s Department of Health Science and Education.

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Advisory Council Members

Steve Whitmore

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

Angela Sharpe

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

Katrina Yancey


Kelly Denise Graves - Spencer

  Corporate Project Admissions Director at Arcadia Healthcare